Personal Injury

Personal Injury

A personal injury can be defined as any accident, such as a car wreck or a slip and fall on someone else’s property, where you as an individual are injured in some way. Personal injury also includes an intentional act where someone hurts you, in some form or fashion, on purpose.

Important things to document and keep in mind include any statements made to you, or to any other witness, at or near the time of the injury. If at all possible, take photographs, either with a cell phone or disposable camera, of the accident scene and the layout of anywhere your injury might have occurred. Also, be certain to try and get the names, addresses and phone numbers of anyone who might have witnessed your accident or injury. Having this information may make your claim much easier to handle in the long run.

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If you are injured in a car wreck, be certain to seek prompt medical attention to address any and all injuries.

Tell the treating doctor about all pain or problems you are having, no matter how small they may seem to be at the time. Often, your worst pain may not occur until hours, or sometimes days, after your injury. For that reason, it is very important to make and keep all necessary follow up appointments with your doctor or doctors. Also, be certain to document other elements of your claim such as time lost from work, or other costs and expenses you have to pay as a result of your injury.

We at the Ezell Law Firm have been dealing with personal injuries for quite some time and would welcome the chance to discuss your particular situation with you.