Family Law

We focus on family law solutions.

Cases related to family law can include separation, divorce, adultery, child support, child visitation and custody battles, and more.

These can be very trying and stressful times both emotionally, physically and financially. In these cases, where you need to discuss agreements about how to divide assets, properties, and in some cases visitation and custody rights, much can be done without even going to court. It is important to Jeff Ezell to help you with your family law cases in a way that has the least possible negative impact, especially when there are children involved.


Knowing that your mind and your emotions are swimming with questions and concerns, it still best if you are faced with a family law matter, it is best to seek counsel early. Gathering as many facts as possible, as soon as possible, is of paramount importance when trying to get your case set up to be handled in the most effective way possible. When necessary and appropriate, we work closely with various local therapists and counselors so that the emotional needs of our Clients are dealt with as we assist them through the tough and trying legal aspects of the divorce process.

We work hard to provide prompt representation, especially in situations where you and your spouse are at significant odds with one another. Family law matters are, by their very nature, emotionally draining and exhausting. We make it our primary goal to do our very best to remove as much of the stress and strain of your family law matter, thereby giving you some measure of peace of mind in what might just be the most difficult time in your life.

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It is very important to note that children’s issues and causes have long been a point of concern for Jeff. He served for over five years on the board of a local child abuse prevention agency, and even served two terms as Board President. While carrying out this service, Jeff helped prepare and dedicate the Julie Valentine Memorial space in Greenville’s Cleveland Park. With this experience, Jeff will work hard to see that all available legal avenues are pursued in order that your family law matter results in the absolute lowest amount of discomfort to your children.

In difficult cases where the welfare and well-being of children are involved, the Ezell Law Firm works closely with a number of people who might serve as a Guardian Ad Litem for the benefit of any children touched by marital litigation.

A Guardian Ad Litem is a person, often an attorney, but in some cases a lay person, who is appointed by the Court to be the representative of any children involved. It is of utmost importance that you comply with any and all requests made by the Guardian Ad Litem. Jeff Ezell himself is also a certified Guardian Ad Litem and is therefore well aware of the rights and responsibilities that are owed to, and desired from, you and your children as the family law matter proceeds, and is well prepared to help you, and your children, navigate this difficult process to the best possible outcome.

We also work extremely hard to ensure that our Client’s rights and responsibilities with regards to Child Support, Child Custody, and Visitation are always handled with the goal of the legal standard of the best interests of the children being ever present in our mind. Whether you owe child support, are to receive child support, or your having difficulties with issues of custody and visitation, we work in earnest to see that your rights are protected and your responsibilities dealt with such that you can work towards a situation where your children’s best interests are protected.

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Over the years, we have also developed a special focus on assisting people with divorce issues that relate to actual or suspected adultery. In addition to the obvious heartbreak involved, such a betrayal can often rock a person to their very core, and we will always be sensitive to clients’ needs in that regard.

At the Ezell Law Firm, we have worked with many, many clients faced with this betrayal, and, while doing our best to accommodate and provide for a client’s emotional needs, we, at the same time, earnestly and aggressively pursue any and all legal rights and remedies to which our client might be entitled. We work quite closely with a team of licensed private investigators and process servers to provide the very specific and highest quality legal services to people forced to endure what is often the most hurtful infidelity, and the most difficult betrayal, that they might ever face.

If you are the party accused of adultery, and you feel you are innocent, we will work hard to assist you with your defense. Likewise, if you have committed an act or acts of adultery, we will do our best to minimize its impact on the case, the parties, and, where applicable, the children.


Family law cases are now, by South Carolina legal requirement, subject to a mandatory mediation. This is a process where a neutral party will work with both parties and their attorneys in an effort to determine whether or not any or all of the family law issues presented could be settled without having to go before an actual judge for a full-blown trial.

Jeff Ezell is himself a Certified Circuit Court Mediator and has also participated in dozens of family law mediations as a Volunteer Mediator at the Upstate Community Mediation Center. His work with the Upstate Community Mediation Center earned him the Better Business Bureau’s 2016 Business of Integrity Award for Outstanding Community for Outstanding Community Service. With this experience, our firm is well suited to guide you and assist you during the mediation process, with our ultimate goal being obtaining the best possible result for you and your family.


Lastly, with the Ezell Law Firm, you will have at your side an attorney that has significant trial experience and is not afraid to take your case to court if necessary. As a Graduate of the National Institute of Trial Advocacy held at the University of North Carolina School of Law, and with more than three decades of experience trying cases before judges, juries, administrative agencies, and appellate panels, I have developed the tools necessary to handle your case from beginning to end.

Trial is a very costly avenue, both emotionally and financially, and therefor we always encourage our clients to consider resolving a matter if such a resolution is in the client’s best interests. If and when negotiation fails, some cases arise that simply must be carried to trial, and, being well equipped with both skills and experience, Jeff is more than happy to do just that.