About Our Firm

I remember when my son was born just over 25 years ago, sitting in the hospital room with him after the delivery.

It was the first time years that I had ever watched much daytime television. I was struck by the sheer volume and aggression of the lawyers advertising their services for hours on end. Now, some 25 years later, and more than 30 years into my legal career, I fully and wholeheartedly realize that is not the kind of lawyer I ever want to be.

What so few people realize is those “mass market” lawyers that flood the airwaves midday when, I can only assume, they think injured people will be at home watching television, rarely ever meet with the actual clients. The lawyer you see on TV is quite possibly located in another city, or, in at least one case, in another state. After practicing law in the upstate of South Carolina for more than 30 years, I have decided that I would much prefer to have a smaller, more select client base, and meet with and work with each client personally and aggressively through each and every step of the legal process.

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You will probably never see my face on TV, but if you’re dealing with a tough family law situation such as adultery, separation, divorce, child support, child custody, or visitation, or if you been hurt in an accident/wreck, or hurt on the job, and want to meet face to face with a lawyer that’s been practicing in the upstate for more than 30 years, please call the Ezell Law Firm at (864) 421-0015.